New Features You Need on Apparel Product Pages

A couple of weeks ago I was looking to buy a new spring jacket. While there are plenty of options online, I ultimately made an order based on two features on the product detail page:

  • A video of the product
  • The height and weight of the model as well as the size they are wearing

A couple of examples to see this in action:

The Saks page has the model height and product size on the page:

Saks page with model height and dress size


while the Altec page only has it in the video: product video with model height & weight and product size


I’ve been saying to myself for years that these really should be must-have features for any apparel product detail pages. Just having a picture of the product doesn’t cut it anymore, especially if your competitors are doing it.

This is also an excellent opportunity for clothing manufactures. Creating a video for every product would be cost prohibitive for some smaller online retailers who could use the assets created by the manufacturer.

Are you aware of other examples of providing model height & weight and product size pictured?

More importantly, has anyone tested this? :)

Let me know,


2 thoughts on “New Features You Need on Apparel Product Pages

  1. Amazing. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I prefer shopping online and hate trying on clothes, but it’s often hard to have a clue what an item would look like on me. The avg. American woman is *not* sized like a model. At all.
    Shopping on sites like OldNavy, where they show items “as is” and not on a model is sometimes better than seeing items on a size 0 model. But being able to see clothes modeled in my size -that would be a dream.
    LL Bean used to let you input your measurements and decorate a kind of avitar of yourself, selecting hair color and length. But it was tedious..

  2. Ok, zappos does a decent job but here is the problem I see with there videos, the model walks in and out of the frame in less than 10seconds, without saying a word. I like altec because that guy in the video above explains about the products little details without promoting like an old cars salesman. I belive for certain fashion brands it’s ok to do that but where functionality is important to be shown like camping etc altec does a good job, I wish they show the model from head to toe not only from waist up.

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