I’m Ophir Prusak.

Welcome to Analytics Impact, a blog where I share my thoughts and experiences about digital marketing,  web analytics and conversion rate optimization. 

Specifically, how to use all of the above in order to grow your company.

I’ve been involved in the online world since 1992 and have been working professionally with Internet technologies since 1994.

With a degree in computer science, I started my career as a back-end developer and later switched career lanes from development to marketing.

My focus is on digital analytics, automation, and conversion rate optimization, though I’ve amassed plenty of experience across all marketing channels.

I currently work for Rollout.io, and have previously worked for Adobe Digital as a Senior Optimization Manager, helping some of the world’s largest companies improve their bottom line.

If you want more information (and probably the most updated), check out my LinkedIn profile.

You can contact me directly at prusak@gmail.com


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