Four New Additions to the Google Analytics API

For those of you not following the GA API change log Google just added four new data points:


  • ga:dayOfWeek


  • ga:percentVisitsWithSearch
  • ga:visitsWithEvent
  • ga:eventsPerVisitWithEvent

All of the new data points are essentially “calculated metrics”, meaning you could calculate this yourself if you were to download the data and do the calculations offline, but still, I applaud Google for continuing to make it easier to get the data without having to resort to offline processing.

Personally, I’m most existed about the dayOfWeek dimension. If you’ve never segmented your traffic by day of week, you really should. Do you know what day of the week has the highest conversion rates? Maybe you should be sending out your emails that morning :)


2 thoughts on “Four New Additions to the Google Analytics API

  1. Totally agree about the Day of Week point. The daily ‘seasonality’ variations within the week are very strong on many of the sites I work on. Being able to extract the data in ways which make it easier to work with this is great. I’m hoping that some of the commercial GA API systems like Nextanalytics make use of this.

    • At Nextanalytics, we’ve been very timely at following all of the GA API updates over time, and even though we already supported a day-of-week analysis before this update, v3.3.2 released today supports these latest GA API additions.

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