KISSmetrics vs Mixpanel

I needed to fully understand what visitors are doing on my website so I looked further into the top two options for me. Here’s what I found.

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Should You Test or Target?

Recently I’ve been hearing more and more online buzz about the benefits of delivering targeted content to your visitors. Have you asked yourself if this the best method to optimize your site?

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What makes a world class conversion optimization organization?

I’ve been thinking about what makes a world class conversion optimization organization for the past couple of days and have come up with what I think are the top 6 criteria.
I wasn’t shooting for 6 but it seems to cover all bases. Here they are …

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Excellent A/B Testing Article

I usually won’t create a post just to promote an online article, but WIRED magazine just came out with an excellent article about split testing. If you deal with split testing on a daily basis and need a link to explain to your friends and family what you do (that’s also an interesting read) here […]

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New Features You Need on Apparel Product Pages

More people are buying clothes online than ever before. Here are two features you NEED to have on your apparel product detail pages …

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Test Fatigue – Why it Happens

First of all super thanks to all of the great comments on my previous post about Test Fatigue. If you didn’t read my previous post or you don’t know what I mean by Test Fatigue, then please go ahead and read it now. I’ll wait. Now, to the point – why do we often see […]

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Test Fatigue – Conversion Optimization’s Dirty Little Secret

I’m going to expose to you a phenomenon that’s fairly common when split testing, but no one seems to be talking about it …

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How can I help you with conversation optimization?

I just realized it’s been almost six months since I last posted on this blog. While I have plenty of ideas for posts, I figured it might be best to ask you – my readers (all three of you) how I can help you. Specifically there are two major ideas I’ve had in my head […]

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The 3 Levels of Conversion Rate Optimization Maturity

If you’re reading this article, I hope you realize that split testing is no longer optional if you want to increase the performance of your web site. So, what is split testing? It’s simply presenting different versions of content to different visitors and measuring which version of your content gets the most desired results. Here […]

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